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chicken spleen


Back from Survivor Kid's Camp. It was great. We had a ball. Any kids who were there and are reading this - YOU ROCK!


Hi to everyone who was at our gig tonight. We made 1 or 2 (or 3 or 4) mistakes but remember - it's not about the music; it's all about having FUN!


On Friday night (30th August) @ 7:30ish Chicken Spleen will be doing a gig @ St Ann's Church youth club in St Martins.


After a break of about four months Chicken Spleen finally did a gig. We played at Linwood Salvation Army Cafe Church service. It was fun.


We are going to be guest artists at the Salvation Army Kids Camp from 13/09/02 to 15/09/02. It will be good.

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