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eric turner


Name: Eric Turner
Nickname(s): ET
Occupation: Police Officer
Status of Love Life: Happily Married with two awesome kids
Hobbies/Sports etc: Soccer, Mountain biking, Singing in the car
Instruments played: Drums, Guitar (very badly), Kazoo
Role in Chicken Spleen: Singer, Goofer


colour: Orange as it is bright and energetic
food: Cray fish (and all sea food except kina)
drink: Rockin Roler - Coca Cola
sport: Jelly wresting
TV programme: Survivor
animal: Dog (Rhodesian ridge back, big strong and beautiful, used to hunt Lions)
board game: Risk
day of the week: Saturday
car: Mini Cooper 1275 GT
fruit: Banana (big, yellow, yummy, full of energy and sooooooo good for you)
article of clothing: Sloppy DARE hat
song: Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits
album: Brothers in Arms
singer: Letisha Seelan
band: Lads

What was your most embarrassing moment? Showing my Mother the new boxer shorts that I had received for Christmas while I was wearing them (since then I always try to get them with buttons in the fly).

What time do you wake in the morning? 6.30 am (Too early for my body but too late for what needs to be done before I leave for the.

What is your goal/dream etc in life? Motto of life is enjoy, reaching higher relationship and understanding of and with God, building real relationships with friendships and family, be irresistibly attract others to Christ. Be involved in big Christian music festival.

What is your worst habit? My butt when I hear and see flies. This at times my lead to uncontrollable scratching.

What was the best Chicken Spleen gig so far? Charge 101 (Youth Councils 2001). It was the best and the worst. The atmosphere was electric and time time we ended up being able to play was devastating for the effort and preparation that went into the performance.

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he's a vocalist

2002 Chicken Spleen