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benjamin mckenzie


Nickname(s): Ben
Occupation: Student, Pro Dishwasher
Status of Love Life: I have a lovely Lady Friend
Hobbies/Sports etc: I play some music, and I bike a bit

Instruments played: umm recorder, flute, drums, guitar, bass
Role in Chicken Spleen: I guess I play some bass


colour: Purply blue
food: Lasange
drink: Raspberry Coke and Cloves and Lemon Lime Bitters, and Ginger beer not cherry, YUK
movie: MIB, Independance day
sport: Mountain Biking
TV programme: Simpsons, and the Star Trecks
animal: My Sister
day of the week: Wednesday
car: Porsche 911 (1960)
fruit: Mandarin
vegetable: yams
article of clothing: My Otago Gear, cos its cool
song: Every New Day and Second Season by Five Iron Frenzy
album: Our Newest Album Ever (Five Iron Frenzy)
band: Five Iron frenzy and U2

What was your most embarasing moment? I have soo many where to begin.......

What is your goal/dream etc in life? to live for God 100% I want to be a teacher of some sort

If you could meet anyone, ever, who would it be? Winston Churchill (someone really wise), or Victor Wooten

What was the best Chicken Spleen gig so far? My garage Party (I am still getting good words from my mates, asking when chicken spleen is playing again)

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he's a bassist

2002 Chicken Spleen