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jacob tremain


Name: Jacob Tremain
Nickname(s): bocaj and also (j)acob
Occupation: Salvation Army Employment Plus Jump Start
Status of Love Life: :(
Hobbies/Sports etc: I like girls and other stuff like my car :)
Instruments played: Cornet and Drums plus my hands (I sucked at the cornet)
Role in Chicken Spleen: looser :)


colour: Blue and other stuff
food: The one that is the bestest
movie: Mmmm The Fast And The Furious
sport: Suuuuuuurfing by far
TV programme: The Family Guy
day of the week: yesterday
car: my Capri :)
fruit: I looove fruit
vegetable: I don't like vegetables
song performed by Chicken spleen: Umm The Cross
album: Jesus Freak by DC Talk
band: Barak Zamar, DC Talk and of course Chicken Spleen cause there just so cool

What time do you wake in the morning? 6:30

What is your goal/dream etc in life? hmm to find what I love and do it for a career and to find who I love and Marry her :)

What is your worst habit? Umm I suck and that seems to distress some people

If you could meet anyone, ever, who would it be? Jesus he could help me

What was the best Chicken Spleen gig so far? Easter Camp I got good responses

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he's a vocalist

2002 Chicken Spleen