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bradley carpenter


Name: Bradley Carpenter
Nickname(s): Brad
Occupation: petroleum transfer officer
Status of Love Life: very much married
Hobbies/Sports etc: soccer, playing guitar
Instruments played: guitar, drums, baritone, cornet, tenor horn, flugel, recorder, triangle, shakers and timbrel.
Role in Chicken Spleen: guitarist, back-up vocals, crazy silly fresh d.j ..... bam


colour: yellow, forrest green
drink: coke and cloves
movie: Happy gilmore
sport: rugby
TV programme: 24
animal: dog, tiger
board game: star wars monopoly
day of the week: Saturday
vegetable: corn
article of clothing: Brett Favre shirt.
song performed by Chicken Spleen: song 2, see you round
album: weird al yankovich "bad hair day" or "alapalooza"
singer: Tom yorke (radiohead)

What was your most embarrassing moment? what's embarrassment

What time do you wake in the morning? 6:10am

What is your goal/dream etc in life? To show Jesus through me, and become a professional actor (or wrestler, same thing)

What is your worst habit? picking my nose and eating it

If you could meet anyone, ever, who would it be? Alexander the Great.

What was the best Chicken Spleen gig so far? the garage rocked.

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he's a guitarist

2002 Chicken Spleen